Personal data
Nicknames Vera
Gender Female
Species Guardian spirit-cat
Production notes
Created by Zephyros-Phoenix

Vercingetorix, nicknamed Vera, is a guardian spirit and the youngest and only female of the four generals of Anlortim's Golem Batallion. She is fierce, independent, headstrong and ready to take on the world and show what she's capable of. Despite being the youngest, she is one of the most serious. Because of this and the fact that she is the only one of the generals without wings, she feels like she has a lot to prove about herself and her troops.

Physical description

Vera is a gargoyle in the form of an anthropomorphic feral cat, likely a cheetah or leopard, due to her spot patterns on her fur. She wears a simple blue robe with light armor on her legs and arms.


Despite lacking wings, Vera is by far the quickest and swiftest of the four generals. She always lands on her feet and can easily scales tall structures due to her flexibility and high strength. She is a guardian spirit, but her elemental alignment is uncertain.


Vera was created by Anlortim and modeled after a feline cat. Since managing an entire army proved too much for Anlortim to handle on his own, he appointed four generals to manage over each of their own divisions. Vera is one of Anlortim's most trusted generals and a part of his special task group consisting of himself, Vera and the other generals.

Vera's troops are the smallest and consist of a small task force centered on stealthy and quick attacks. Vera believes in approaching battle with stealth and not giving away your position to the enemy. Her differing views often cause her to clash with fellow general, Leonidas, who believes in charging head on into battle.

When Anlortim was critically injured in battle, he was forced to flee and enter Stone Sleep to heal. However, he did not awaken the next night, remaining trapped in his stone form. With nothing to do without their leader, the generals split up their troops across the globe where they too entered a Stone Sleep and would only awaken once Anlortim called for them. Vera and her troops situated across Africa on various building structures.


  • Vercingetorix is named after the Arvenit tribe chieftain of the same name.
  • She is the youngest and only female of the generals.
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