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Kabutori false s o t a l by zephyros phoenix-d39qb5h
Personal data
Alias False Spirit of Thunder and Lightning
Gender Male
Emblem Kabutori emblem
Species Artificial guardian spirit-Japanese rhinoceros beetle
Classification Guardian
Morality Good
Production notes
Created by Zephyros-Phoenix

Trypoxyl Kabutomushi, commonly referred to as Kabutori and also known as the False Spirit of Thunder and Lightning, is a guardian spirit and the False Spirit of thunder and lightning. He is a Japanese rhinoceros beetle and an artificial spirit created from Zhear-Khan's Essence. While initially a mindless servant, Kabutori gained his free will when he was exposed to Azreal's energy and sought to free his brothers and sisters from servitude.

Physical description

Kabutori is slightly smaller than most guardian spirits and appears as a regular brown rhinoceros beetle. His horn is partially wrapped in a bandage and he has dark grey rings or shackle on his legs, though they are not connected to anything. On his back is his crest surrounded by four spikes which draw in electricity for his attacks.


Special ability

  • Lightning Rod: Draws in electric attacks and gains power from them.


  • Lightning Strike: Lightning strikes his horn and sends it at the opponent.
  • Thunder Pincer: strikes with electrified pincers
  • Thunderbolt Cannon: lightning strikes the rods on his wings and he fires it with wings
  • Horn Deflector: a shield generates around his horn and deflects attacks.


  • Kabutori's full name comes from Trypoxylus, a synonym for it's Genus name and Kabutomushi, which means rhinoceros beetle in Japanese.
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