Treasure Trove

Treasure Trove Sea

Treasure Trove Land

Personal data
Nicknames Treasure Trove
Gender Male
Species Kelpie
Occupation Traveling Trader
Living status Alive
Production notes
Created by Zephyros-Phoenix

This page is comprised of Treasure Trove's relationships with various other characters he interacts with.


Dewberry Drop

Dewberry Drop is Treasure Trove's daughter, whom he fathered through Strawberry Swirl during their brief romantic relationship. Treasure Trove would not meet his hybrid daughter until after she was born, when he and Strawberry reconciled and resumed their relationship. He affectionately calls Dewberry his "little treasure".

Love interest

Strawberry Swirl

Over the course of his many travels, Treasure Trove eventually found the Mei Berry Thicket located within the Qilin Glades in the kingdom of Wu Xing. He quickly became infatuated with the Thicket's primary owner and caretaker, Strawberry Swirl. He visited the Thicket often to purchase berries, sometimes using his occupation as an excuse to visit just to see her. Every time he visited, he would bring her a trinket or souvenir from this travels.

Strawberry returned his feelings and the two became romantically involved. However, the relationships was unfortunately short-lived. Strawberry feared that Treasure Trove's occupation as a trader and his love for travel would ultimately result in him choosing his work over her and her family, just as her first husband had abandoned their family to pursue his own goals and dreams. He accepted her decision, albeit with a broken heart, and never returned to the Thicket.

However, thanks to the intervention of Strawberry's children, the pair were reunited and resumed their relationship. Treasure Trove acknowledged that while his job as a trader and merchant would mean he traveled often, he assured Strawberry that there was only one place he would come back to as his home.

Wu Xing