The building blocks of the universe, theurgy is the key to unlocking its secrets...
Caius Terryal

Theurgy is the basis of magic in the Dark Skies universe and serves as the key element in any form of spellcasting, enchanting or any form of supernatural abilities in the universe. As time progressed, many races have managed to manipulate Theurgy for their own benefits and, as a result, have created various branches, each with their own unique abilities, specifications and weaknesses. Theurgy has spread all across the galaxy and is commonly used by the majority of its races.

So far, eleven unique forms of Theurgy have been discovered and studied. However, given the vast mysterious nature of Theurgy and its continuous evolution, there are likely more new forms to be discovered.

Name Description
Elementalism Elementalism is perhaps the most common form of Theurgy and most basic branch a person with magical talent can learn. The process involves manipulating the elements of fire, earth, wind and water, allowing the user to combine these into very powerful attacks. With time, a user can choose to specialise in a specific art form of the elements and utilize it to its full potential.
Astral Astral theurgy is the study of the stars and weaving the energy that flows through them. The astral branch allows users to create enchantments that empowers weapons or specific individuals. On top of this, astral theurgists can also create devastating energy attacks and even convert the energy of other theurgical forms into astral energy.
Wǣrlog The study of the void has been one that the races of the universe have poured countless hours into. Over time, they managed to find a way to manipulate the void through various means including, but not limited to summoning demons and creatures and bending them to their will as eternal servants. The Un'dine were prime users of void magic and have since left their mark on history with countless others picking up the study long after their passing. Those who study and perform the art are commonly referred to as "Blighters"
Exorcism Exorcism focuses primarily on counter and support spells, capable of supporting up to countless others depending on the user's skill and strength with the art. Given enough time, a user can even turn their spells into lethal ones and provide powerful attacks that could incinerate an enemy. Exorcists have two specialisations to choose from: light and dark, with light focusing on healing and support while dark exorcists focus on damage and offensive attacks. Exorcists are also capable of summoning angelic like creatures to the battlefield.
Techthaumatri A relatively new form of Theurgy discovered and created by Halwn Pyry, Techthaumatri is the process of manipulating technology and metallic objects to a user's will, allowing them to create machines or inventions in an instant. They are able to control of otherwise exert their influence on nearly any form of technology and control it as they see fit. This practice is commonly seen within the Steel Legion as most members use it to command the robotic soldiers from a safe distance.
Sonance Sonance is the process of manipulating sound waves to produce devastating attacks. This practice is considerably rare, unique to the Colletadie when creating their cities and societies by sculpting buildings out of raw resources. Over the years, it has also been found to have a healing effect when a user creates calm and resonating sounds to sooth a person's spirit.
Necromancy Necromancy is a banned art of Theurgy but has recently seen a sudden reappearance in the universe, despite the ban placed on its practice. The common use for this is to raise a dead person or persons back to life and use them however the necromancer sees fit, usually as mindless thralls. The penalty for practicing Necromancy is often life imprisonment or even execution, making many who do practice it today either wanted criminals or in hiding.
Phantasma The power of illusions, Phantasma exploits the ability to create mirages or fake replications of objects or people. This is commonly a tactic used by thieves and rogues who have some understanding of Theurgy in order to deceive or otherwise misdirect a target. Phantasma requires the user to focus heavily on projecting the illusion and maintaining its stability. Should the user lose focus, the illusion can shatter or fade, thereby exposing it.
Hermeticism Matter manipulation and chemical brewing. Hermeticism has seen a dramatic shift from a once ancient and limited art to being one of the most popular forms of potion creation in Forticona. Initially taught by the Kodomo magic schools, Hermeticism involved breaking an object down to its molecular structure and reforging it as an entirely different substance. However over the years, the Ursuar have created their own method of breaking down an objects raw energy and converting it into a liquid substance that bestow unique abilities on individuals, as well as leaving a very long lasting hang over. Shira Brewhammer is considered to be one of the foremost experts on hermetical brewing.
Penumbra The ability to manipulate darkness, Penumbra is a powerful shadow magic that all Scotoecian's inherit at birth. Penumbra is perhaps one of the most deadliest forms in existence as its ability to warp shadows and darkness can result in great devastation. However, its strength only grows with repeated use and practice. If someone rarely uses Penumbra, then their effectiveness with it will be little to none as opposed to a frequent user, who will have access to a much wider array of abilities and can even sink into the shadows.
Omni-Mimicry The ability to morph and change an individuals or someones physical and biological features. The race known as the Tehkne's had become experts at this and eventually passed on their knowledge before vanishing from the galaxy. In modern day Forticona, Kodomo's and to some degree Ursuar and Scotoecian's have adapted this into their own forms of theurgy. Kodomo's however, due to their natural magical essence, are capable of even shape shifting other individuals if they so desire. An example can be seen between Caz and Jinks as she commonly turns him into various creatures. With Ursuar, it can be assumed their ties to the elemental planes allow them to take on aspects of one if they achieve the right level of theurgical strength while Scotoecian's are capable of infusing themselves with Penumbra energy to shape shift into demonic shadow beasts.

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