Huginn and muninn twin ravens by zephyros phoenix-d3evrnh

The Twin Ravens: Muninn (left) and Huginn (right).

The Twin Ravens refers to two guardian spirits: Huginn and Muninn. They are twins, Huginn being the elder twin and Muninn being the younger. They are both currently partnered with twins, Keiji and Kenji Hattori. When not on missions with their masters, Huginn and Muninn fly all over the Aileron and return to Ueno Castle, reporting any news.


As twins, Huginn and Muninn posses a unique sightsharing ability, in which they can see through each other's eyes and as Huginn lacks a right eye and Muninn lacks a left, their vision becomes complete. The advantage to this is that they can see what the other sees, but they themselves only have one eye to rely on when alone.


Huginn and Muninn False Form

Muninn (left) and Huginn (right) in the False Forms.

Muninn is the younger brother and a dual spirit of water and darkness, drawing his power from the moon. He is proportionally smaller than Huginn and his primary color is navy blue and silver. He has straight horns, three-taloned claws and wears beads as accessories. Muninn represents Memory/Mind and Yin and appears more feminine than his brother.

Huginn on the other hand, is the elder brother and a dual spirit of fire and light, drawing his power from the sun. His body is larger than Muninn's. His primary color is red/burgundy and white. He has curved horns, four-taloned claws and wears chains and spiked bracelets. Huginn represents Thought and Yang and appears more masculine than Muninn.

Unlike most guardian spirits, Huginn and Muninn possess a False Form, in which they can assume a smaller, more convenient form. In False Form, Huginn and Muninn appear to be regular looking raves both wearing an eye patch over their missing eye.


  • Huginn and Muninn are based on Odin's ravens from Norse mythology of the same name.
  • In Old Norse, Huginn means "thought" while Muninn means "mind" or "memory."
  • Their powers are based on Yin and Yang.
  • They represent the sun and moon.
  • Huginn is missing his right eye, while Muninn is missing his left.