The Tek'ton are a group of workers within the low rank of the Mantodea Empire. They are distinguished by black markings.

List of known Tek'ton


The Tek'ton make up one of the two classes within the low rank of the Mantodea Empire and are the workers.

The duties of the Tek'ton greatly vary but they are all nonetheless considered to be the workers. One Tek'ton's job may differ from another. Potential jobs include construction, craftsmanship, nursery care, mining, farming and sanitation. Some Tek'ton are also tasked as servants to the An'assa and her daughter. Basically, any job that does not involve ruling or the military is done by a Tek'ton worker.

Even with the events of the Human-Mantodea War, the Tek'ton still make up the majority of the Mantodea Empire and have worked hard to rebuild their once great empire.


  • Tek'ton is an Ancient Greek word for "artisan" or "craftsman".