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Solaris spirit of fire by zephyros phoenix-d30ucad
Personal data
Alias The Flame, Master Spirit of Fire
Gender Male
Emblem Solaris emblem
Species Guardian spirit-phoenix
Classification Guardian
Morality Good
Production notes
Created by Zephyros-Phoenix

Solaris, also known as the Master Spirit of Fire and The Flame, is a guardian spirit and the Master Spirit of fire. He is a phoenix and was chosen by Azmyth to be the keeper of the element of fire.

Physical description

Solaris is a large human-shaped bird covered in bright golden, orange and blue feathers. He has several torches on his body on the shoulders, hands and forehead. On his wrist are two long blades, allowing him to engage in quick physical attacks. In addition, they allow him to fold his wings in.


Solaris is a natural leader and very brave. He does not stand for injustice and will not hesitate to take down someone evil.


As a spirit of fire, Solaris has power over and is capable of manipulating all elements of flames.

Special ability

  • Blazing Hunter: Powers increases in presence of sunlight or Fire-type opponent.


  • Fire Daggers (Offensive): Hundreds of his sharp, blazing feathers strike at the opponent.
  • Wing Blade (Offensive): Strikes his opponent with sharp blades at the end of his wings.
  • Inferno Fury (Offensive): Flames consume Solaris as he charges to his foe for a final strike.
  • Fire Shield (Defensive): Flames form a tornado-like shield, redirecting most attacks.
Phoenix bow by zephyros phoenix-d3n6c1i

The Phoenix Bow.

Weapon Transformation

When combining himself with any type of weapon, Solaris becomes a large white and blue bow. By the handle are two small torches and on both ends of the bow are blades for close combat. There are no arrows, but instead an arrow made of fire forms when the string is pulled back on. The two rings on the bow can detach and are called the Target Booster Rings which increase the power of the flame arrows that pass through them. Passing through one doubles the size of the arrow and turns it blue, which also increases the intensity and temperature, while passing through both nearly triples the size and turns the fire white.

Beast Fusion

When combined with a human, the human appears like Solaris with feathers covering their body and blades on their forearms. They also have large wings and talon feet.


  • Solaris' design was influenced by Aobasar from Spectrobes: Origins.
  • Solaris' alternate name choice was Apollonir.
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