Shadows in the Light is a twoshot spin-off of Two Birds One Stone, detailing the events that led to Omega Azreal's evolution into Beast King Azreal. It was published on on February 1st, 2011 and completed on February 2nd, 2011.



Part 1: Welcome HomeEdit

After switching places with Keith and Mira to save them from the death ball, Azreal finds himself in the Doom Dimension. He runs into Lync and Volt and reveals to them that he was born in the Doom Dimension and out of anger for being forced to stay trapped there, killed all the Bakugan that crossed his path. One exception being when he rescued a young grififn Bakugan from several other Bakugan, thus earning it's loyalty. A series of flashbacks reveal that Azreal fell in love with Ventus Skyress, the same Skyress that would partner up with Shun Kazami, and thus made it his mission to get to Vestroia. When he succeeded, he wound up in the Haos world rather than the Ventus and evolved into Omega Azreal and became Haos attributed.

Part 2: The Reasons We're BornEdit

A vision of Lars Lion appears and ressurects all the Bakugan Azreal had killed. They swarm onto him and Lync and Volt help out with their Bakugan. Azreal refuses to give in and evolves into Beast King Azreal while Lars Lion reveals that it was all a test. Azreal thanks her and with his new power of traveling to anywhere through the Doom Dimension, returns to his partner.


  • The title for part 2 came from Iroh's line from The Last Airbender movie.