The Order of the Sha'ard, or simply The Sha'ard Mages or The Sha'ard, are a group of Mantodea gifted in magic within the mid rank of the Mantodea Empire. They are distinguished by white markings.

List of known Sha'ard


The Sha'ard make up one of the three classes within the mid rank of the Mantodea Empire and are masters of magic. The Sha'ard are led by a mage of their own choosing called the Prime, the current being Sha'ard Ae'ta.

The duties of a Sha'ard mage are to train and foster magical potential in young Sha'ard mages who then go on to train the next generation. While the Sha'ard do not have as active a role as the Ko'pis or Ko'leos, they are important nonetheless in keeping the knowledge of magic alive. When a young Mantodea shows potential for magic, they are immediately taken into the Order to be trained so they can foster and build on that magical potential. The Sha'ard mages are highly praised by other Mantodea since their society views magic as a sign of being chosen by the guardian spirits, who originally gave the Mantodea magic in the first place.

One notable Sha'ard apprentice is the daughter of An'assa Dia'bolica, Princess Coron'atus. Given how rare magic is within the empire, it is incredibly rare for a royal to be born with magic, making many in the empire worship Coron'atus as a great, future queen chosen by the spirits themselves. Unlike other apprentices, Coron'atus does not live with the Order and instead receives training from Sha'ard Ta'urica, who goes to the palace to train her.

Even with the events of the Human-Mantodea War, the Sha'ard are still relatively low in number given how rare magic is within the empire.