Ryuji and Yukie Hattori (服部 龍児 Hattori Ryuji, 服部 雪江 Hattori Yukie) are the parents of Keiji and Kenji and the grandparents of Ryushi, Shizuka and Kenshin. Ryuji is currently the head of the Hattori Clan and the Masanari Black Flowers.



Ryuji was once a great ninja warrior and was one of the top agents of the MBF. His guardian spirit is Chimera. Yukie, however, is not a MBF agent, nor does she have a guardian spirit.

Ryuji cares very much for his grandchildren, particularly Shizuka, whom he favors of Kenshin, and has high hopes for her as future head. Yukie is very tender and loving to all her children and grandchildren and hopes that her grandchildren will stop fighting and come together as a family once more. They both greatly mourned the death of their grandson, Ryushi.

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