Typeicon-Bakugan Typeicon-Subterra
Roxanne Knight

Rocky is the Subterra battler of the Neathia Division.

Personal data
Nicknames Rocky
Age 16
Gender Female
Species Neathian-gundalian
Occupation Castle Knight
Morality Good
Living status Alive
Production notes
Created by Zephyros-Phoenix

Roxanne Knight (ロクサンヌ・ナイト Rokusannu Naito), commonly referred to as Rocky (ロツキー Rokki) is a Bakugan: Next Generation character and the daughter of canon characters Rafe and Paige. She is a Subterra battler partnered with Boulderon. She is a member of the Neathian Division of the Brawlers and a Castle Knight.

Physical description

Roxanne is a 16 year old half-gundalian and half-neathian girl and the daughter of Rafe and Paige. Paige has light grey skin with dark grey markings, golden horns growing around her forehead and long wavy, light pink hair. She wears a white shirt, a baggy green jacket and brown pants and boots.


Roxanne is headstrong and has a very short temper, often having to be calmed down by her younger brother. She doesn't really like to think things through and prefers to solve things with her fists instead of her brain. She masks her deep self conscious insecurities about her appearance beneath her tough exterior.


  • Rafe (father)
  • Paige (mother)
  • Cain Knight (younger twin brother)

Cain Knight

Roxanne is very close with her younger twin brother but is secretly jealous of his Neathian appearance.

Jupiter Sheen

Jupiter is Roxanne's best friend. As a Castle Knight, Roxanne is supposed to serve and protect the royal family, though she treats Jupiter more as a friend rather than a superior or master.

Leonard Claude

Roxanne is aware of Leonard's crush on her though she does not believe that his affections are placed upon the right person.



Roxanne's Bakugan, Subterra Boulderon.

Born to Rafe and Paige, Roxanne is the older twin sister of Cain and a Castle Knight. She grew alongside her brother and friends, Jupiter and Leonard. As she is a Castle Knight, she is mature, a well trained fighter and very loyal to the royal family, though she treats Jupiter more as a friend than a superior.

Due to growing up surrounded by the beautiful race of Neathians, Roxanne has come to despise her menacing gundalian appearance and became plagued with low self-esteem whenever it came to her looks. Leonard tries time and time again to convince her that she truly is beautiful, but she simply brushes off his comments, not believing them.



  • Her nickname was originally Roxy, but later changed to Rocky as a refernce to her usage of Subterra.

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