Princess Terra
Princess Terra

Princess Terra is the ruler of the forests of Wu Xing and princess of earth.

Personal data
Gender Female
Species Alicorn
Occupation Ruler of Wu Xing's forests
Elemental Princess
Princess of Earth
Living status Alive
Production notes
Created by Zephyros-Phoenix
Appearances Journey to the West

Princess Terra, the Princess of Earth, is one of the alicorn princesses of Wu Xing and the ruler of Wu Xing's forest lands. She is the youngest daughter of King Gold and Queen Juno, niece of Prince Silver, younger sister of Princess Vesta, Princess Neptune and Princess Jupiter and aunt of Apolla. As the youngest of the four princesses, Terra is often left out of political dealings. She does not mind this though, as she prefers spending her time in the forests of Wu Xing. Her best friend is Double Happiness.

She later becomes the mother of twins Princess Cherry Blossom and Princess Tiger Lily with a qilin named Lotus Root.

Physical description

Terra is the smallest of her sisters and a green alicorn with dark green hair and bright green streaks and pink-red eyes. Her cutie mark is a pink and dark green flower. She wears bark armor on her legs and a branch-like crown with a lotus flower on it. Part of her mane is tied in a braid, similar to Double Happiness' and her entire tail is also braided. She also has white flowers woven into her hair.


Terra has a gentle spirit and an honest soul. She is always in a positive mood and does not easily get upset or angry about something. She prefers to spend most of her time in the forests of Wu Xing with her beloved plants and does not like big crowds. Even in the face of danger, Terra maintained a calm composure, but whether this is out of true calm of naive ignorance to the real danger is uncertain.



  • Earth magic: Terra's magic allows her to control all aspects of the earth.
  • Plant magic: Terra's magic also allows her to control all forms of plant life.
    • Plant communication: She is able to communicate with plants.
  • Telekinesis
  • Flight
  • Immortality


  • Botany and herbalism: Being the Princess of Earth, Terra is very knowledge about different forms of plant life and their properties.
  • Etiquette: Terra was taught many etiquette lessons in her youth by her parents for interaction with high society.


  • Terra is named after the Roman goddess of Earth of the same name.
  • If Terra were to have a Pokemon team, they would consist of:
    • Lilligant
    • Leavanny
    • Roserade
    • Trevenant
    • Sawsbuck
    • Torterra
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