Typeicon-GS Typeicon-Water
Plezira monster of loch ness by zephyros phoenix-d3ee6kc
Personal data
Nicknames Nessie
Alias The Monster of Lake Nessira, Origin Spirit of Water
Gender Female
Emblem Plezira emblem
Species Guardian spirit-plesiosaur
Production notes
Created by Zephyros-Phoenix

Plezira, commonly referred to as Nessie and also known as the Origin Spirit of Water and The Monster of Lake Nessira, is a guardian spirit and the Origin Spirit of water. She is one of the first spirits created by Zenith and is the original source of the element of water. She takes on the form of a plesiosaur and is largely believed to be the monster residing in Lake Nessira.

Physical description

Plezira is a large white plesiosaur-like creature with blue stripes along her body and orange fins. She has two large fins sticking out of her shoulders, which when viewed from the front with her neck in the middle, inspired the legends of the tridents used to rule the seas. She has red markings on her face and two horns sticking out of her head. The bright blue jewel on her forehead was a gift from her lover, Leviathan.


Plezira is wise and graceful. She is very mature and polite and dislikes rude behavior and does not hesitate to correct behavior as she sees fit. She rarely ever loses her cool and always maintains a calm demeanor.


As the original source of water, Nessie is able to manipulate all forms of water including any liquid with water in it. She is able to draw water from vapor and ice (though she cannot control those forms).

Special ability

  • Water Skin: Plezira can melt her body into water molecules.


  • Crystal Storm: Strikes with a rainstorm of hail and ice.
  • Siren Call: Causes male opponents to fall in love with her, no effect on females.
  • Poseidon's Trident: Plezira spins, forming a whirlpool around her body.
  • Red Streak: The red streaks on her body light up as she sends a tidal wave to her opponents.


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