Typeicon-GS Typeicon-Darkness
Oryx false s o d by zephyros phoenix-d39sn2z
Personal data
Alias False Spirit of Darkness
Gender Male
Emblem Oryx emblem
Species Artificial guardian spirit-eagle owl
Morality Evil
Production notes
Created by Zephyros-Phoenix

Oryx, also known as the False Spirit of Darkness is a guardian spirit and the False Spirit of darkness. He is an eagle owl and an artificial spirit created from Koumori's Essence.

Physical description

Oryx is a large eagle owl with black and dark golden feathers. He has brilliant orange eyes. He wears armor on his head and long his back where two long orange ribbons flow off of.


Special ability

  • Night Vision: Can see anything in the dark


  • Night Slash: slashed opponents with wings
  • Terror Claw: swoops in and grabs opponent with his claws
  • Shadow Emissary: leaves a decoy made of his feathers to evade oncoming attacks
  • Feather Duster: blows a tornado of feathers


  • Oryx's name was originally going to be Onyx.
  • Oryx's design is based on an eagle owl.
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