Origin Spirits
Basic Information
Group Type Faction
Founder Zenith
Leader Zenith
Status Inactive
The Origin Spirits refer to a group of ten guardian spirits that are the original spirits of their respective elements. They were created by Zenith and are all in the form of mythical creatures. They are some of the most powerful spirits in existence and because of this, are very difficult to seek out.


Known as Dusk Angel, Anlortim is the Origin Spirit of Darkness and the leader of the Golem Battalion.
Known as Shifting Sands, Regulus is the Origin Spirit of Earth.
Known as Vermilion Dragon, Tai Lung is the Origin Spirit of Fire.
Known as Thundering Wings, Wakiya is the Origin Spirit of Thunder and Lightning.
Known as Wellspring, Kyrin is the Origin Spirit of Wood.
Known as Hollow Mother, Wihtikow is the Origin Spirit of Ice and a spirit considered sacred to and worshiped by the lepori.
Known as The Monster of Lake Nessira, Plezira is the Origin Spirit of Water. She is also the lover of Domain Spirit, Leviathan.
Known as Swift Tempest, Talon is the Origin Spirit of Wind.
Known as Divine Light, Radiant Orb is the Origin Spirit of Light and is always guarded by the spirit Hikari.
Known as Great Origins, Zenith is the Origin Spirit of Energy and the first Beast King. He is also the first guardian spirit, from which all others descend.


The Origin Spirits are the first spirits of their respective elements, each created by Zenith. They are said to be the most powerful spirit of their element, capable of using all the powers of their element. Nearly every guardian spirit can be traced back to one of the Origin Spirits.

As their 'father,' Zenith was in the form of the mythical creature, the Hydra, each of the Origin Spirits also takes the form of a mythical creature. Anlortim is a gargoyle; Regulus, a basilisk; Tai Lung, a dragon; Wakiya, a thunderbird; Kyrin, a Qilin; Wihtikow, a Wendigo; Plezira, a plesiosaur and Talon, a griffin. However, Radiant Orb appears as a simple orb with a mute peacock spirit named Hikari as it's guard.



  • Hikari is not included in the Origin Spirits, despite her association with Radiant Orb.
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