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Lunaria false s o l by zephyros phoenix-d39ur4f
Personal data
Alias False Spirit of Light
Gender Female
Emblem Lunaria emblem
Species Artificial guardian spirit-firefly
Morality Evil
Production notes
Created by Zephyros-Phoenix

Lunaria, also known as the False Spirit of Light is a guardian spirit and the False Spirit of light. She is a firefly and an artificial spirit created from Vritra's Essence.

Physical description

Lunaria is smaller than most guardian spirits and like many light spirits, doesn't speak. Her eyes glow red while her wing coverings are decorated with glowing lines and her symbol.


Special ability

  • Illuminator: The element of darkness has no effect on her.


  • Flash Bow: Blinds the opponent with light bud.
  • Element Glow: Fires a beam of light from bud.
  • Solar Prominence: Stores energy from the sun and releases it in a giant attack with a huge radius.
  • Dust Veil: Creates a shield of dust to deflect attacks.


  • Lunaria's name derives from the word luna, meaning moon.
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