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Lightning spirits are guardian spirits allied with the element of lightning. They can generate and manipulate all forms of electric energy.

List of known lightning spirits


  • Lightning manipulation: Lightning spirits can summon, create, control, conduct and absorb lightning and electrical energy to accomplish various effects.
    • Lightning combat: They can fuse physical combat with their lightning powers to execute deadly physical and ranged attacks.
    • Lightning projection: They can release lightning and electricity in the form beams, bolts, bombs, waves, balls and blasts.
    • Lightning constructs: They can mold and shape lightning and electricity into tools or objects such as appendages, armor, barriers, restraints and weapons.
    • Thunderbolt projection: They can create, summon, direct and project lightning bolts. They can cause great damage depending on their voltage or be used as concussive forces.
    • Electrical resistance: They are completely unharmed by electricity.
    • Lightning transportation: They are capable of traveling through lightning and electrical conduits by riding electric wires and lightning bolts to reach another location.
    • Lightning form: They can physically transform into lightning, shocking everything they touch.
    • Electric conductivity: They can charge objects and make them electrically conductive.
    • Paralysis inducement: They can render organisms immobile by way of paralysis.
    • Shocking: They can release extreme voltage, causing extreme damage to living beings and even incinerating objects.
    • Electric aura: They can surround themselves with an electrical aura.
    • Technology manipulation: They could potentially control machines by manipulating the electrical currents within.

Sub-Element: Thunder

  • Thunder manipulation: Thunder spirits can manipulate the thunder aspect of lightning, such as concussive sounds and shock-waves.
    • Sound manipulation: They can create and modify sound waves to silence, strengthen or warp sounds.
      • Sound absorption: They can absorb and nullify sound waves.
    • Sonic scream: They can generate extremely powerful sound waves that can destroy or knock back objects and people.
    • Shock-wave emission: They can generate destructive shock-waves to push over or repulse objects or even generate earthquakes.
    • Enhanced hearing: Sound spirits are highly sensitive to sound waves and therefore have a higher reception to sounds.


The first lightning spirit was Wakiya, created by Zenith. Just about every lightning spirit can be traced back to Wakiya and Zenith. Lightning spirits can summon, create, control, conduct and absorb lightning and electrical energy to accomplish various effects such as utilizing lightning as a weapon, creating constructs, transforming into electrical energy and riding along power cables, and even controlling technology.