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Light spirits are guardian spirits allied with the element of light. They can manipulate all forms of light energy and are often incapable of verbal communication.

List of known light spirits


  • Light manipulation: Light spirits are capable of controlling, generating and absorbing light particles and energy.
    • Holographic projection: They can bend light to project holographic copies of themselves and other objects.
    • Invisibility: They can bend light off themselves to render themselves invisible.
    • Light projection: They can project light into various types of attacks such as beams, bolts, blasts, bullets, and waves.
    • Hard light constructs: They can solidify light to form tools, weapons, armor, appendages and barriers.
    • Light aura: They are capable of surrounding themselves in an intensely bright aura of light that can blind their opponents.
    • Light combat: They can fuse physical combat with their light powers making precise attacks with intense speed and agility while also blinding their opponents with light and catching them off guard with invisibility and holographic duplicates.
    • Light mimicry: They can physically transform into light energy.
  • Solar empowerment: They are stronger in the presence of intense solar light.


The first light spirit was Radiant Orb, a simple light orb, created by Zenith. Like wood spirits, light spirits are some of the rarest types around. Most guardian spirits are not capable of speaking and can only communicate with flashing lights. They can also control light energy in a variety of ways such as attacks and even deception.