Lepori shamans are the spiritual warriors and gifted magic users of the lepori tribes, very similar to the Sha'ard of the mantodea. The shamans of each tribe are each led by their own Spirit Speaker.

List of known shamans


As children, young lepori are given the option to pursue two career paths: shamans or hunters. As shamans, they work to enhance their connection and ability to converse with guardian spirits, who had long ago gone into hiding.

If a lepori is found to possess magic, they are placed into shaman training without making the decision between shaman and hunter. Through their training under the Spirit Speaker and senior shamans, magic-imbued lepori can enhance their abilities and learn to use them in combat.

In order to complete their training, young shamans are sent into the wilderness to a specific cave, where they must remain and meditate for three days in an attempt to make contact with a guardian spirit. Actually making contact with a spirit during that time is not required to pass, but surviving the three days is.

Fully trained shamans are greatly respected in lepori society for their spiritual powers and wisdom and are periodically called upon by the chieftains for advice.