Each lepori tribe is led by a Chieftain, similar to how the mantodea are led by the An'assa. There are two Chieftains, one leading each of the two tribes located in Northern and Southern Aurora.

List of known Chieftains


Unlike the mantodea, where the position of An'assa is strictly hereditary from queen to queen, the position of Chieftain is always changing. Additionally, the Chieftain can be a male or female. A Chieftain may pass on their position to their next of kin, or if they lack next of kin or their next of kin is unsuitable to lead, they may appoint a successor from outside their family. Additionally, individuals have the right to raise challenges against the current Chieftain, who must accept to defend his or her title. Whoever wins the challenge becomes the Chieftain.

The duties of the Chieftain is to essentially take care of the entire tribe and ensure that they are protected from dangerous wild animals, the extreme climate and have enough food. Because the Chieftain has so many duties and tasks, they rarely get the chance to leave the tribe on hunts, instead trusting hunting parties to their top hunters. When issues arise regarding guardian spirits, they often consult the shamans and the Spirit Speaker for advice on how to proceed.