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Leonard Claude

Leo is the Pyrus battler of the Neathia Division.

Personal data
Nicknames Leo
Age 16
Gender Male
Species Neathian
Occupation Castle Knight
Morality Good
Living status Alive
Production notes
Created by Zephyros-Phoenix

Leonard Claude (レナード・クロード Renaado Kurodo), commonly referred to as Leo (リオ Rio) is a Bakugan: Next Generation character and the son of canon character Linus Claude. He is a Pyrus battler partnered with Rubanoid. He is a member of the Neathian Division and a Castle Knight.

Physical description

Leonard is a 16 year old neathian boy and the son of Linus Claude. He has short greyish-blue hair, light blue skin and dark blue eyes. He wears a standard pyrus Castle Knight uniform consisting of a white tunic, white gloves, grey pants and boots with red accents.


Leonard has a very high sense of justice and honor. He dislikes seeing people in pain and will not stand for insubordination to the neathian royal family. He is also very friendly and kind at heart and treats everyone he meets with respect, unless given a reason to not do so.


  • Linus Claude (father)
  • Unnamed mother

Cain Knight

Cain is very much Leonard's best friend, and Leonard's affection for Cain's sister, Roxanne, does not negatively affect their friendship.

Roxanne Knight

Leo is in love with fellow Castle Knight, Roxanne. Due to her low self esteem about her appearance, he constantly tries to convince her that she is beautiful while at the same time, confessing his true feelings for her.



Leonard's Bakugan, Pyrus Rubanoid.

Born to Linus, Leonard is a Castle Knight just like his father. He grew up along side the Knight twins, Roxanne and Cain as well as Princess Jupiter. Like them, he was raised in a high status society and is very mature for his age.

He secretly pines after Roxanne Knight, though this is really no secret as all his friends are aware of his feelings for her, as well as Roxanne. Day after day, he tries to convince her that she is beautiful, despite her feelings about her appearance, only to have her brush off his compliments. He truly loves Roxanne and wants to help her see just how amazing she really is.



  • Leonard was named after actor Leonard Nimoy due to Linus' resemblace to Nimoy's character, Spock.
  • Alternate name choice: Lionel.

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