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Kyrin well spring by zephyros phoenix-d3egeus
Personal data
Alias Well Spring, Origin Spirit of Wood
Gender Female
Emblem Kyrin emblem
Species Guardian spirit-qilin
Production notes
Created by Zephyros-Phoenix

Kyrin, also known as the Origin Spirit of Wood and Well Spring, is a guardian spirit and the Origin Spirit of wood. She is one of the first spirits created by Zenith and is the original source of the element of wood. She takes on the form of a qilin, a mythical Chinese chimera-like creature that is also commonly referred to as a Chinese unicorn.

Physical description

While traditional qilin's appear as a hooved Chinese-Long dragon, Kyrin appears more like a horse. Her skin is a pale green color while her main is a brighter green. Her body is covered in thick dark green scales and she wears a golden earring on her left ear and bracelets on her back left leg. The horn on her head is a dark brown tree branch.


As the original source of wood, Kyrin has power over all forms of plant life including natural toxic poisons. She can enhance the growth speed of plants and is capable of powerful healing abilities, including resurrection.

Special ability

  • Sage Rui: Kyrin experiences increasing luck in dire situations.


  • Scale Barrage: Carp scales from her body strike the opponent.
  • Frenzy Plant: Stomps the ground causing vines to come up and lash the foe.
  • Grove Horn: Attacks with her tree branch horn.
  • Bark Shield: Grows a shield made of tree bark to stop attacks.


  • Kyrin is based on the mythical creature, Qilin.
  • Her crest is based on the Chinese character for tree, 木.
  • Kyrin's design is based on J Neondragon's Qilin design.
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