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Koda false s o w by zephyros phoenix-d39rse4
Personal data
Alias False Spirit of Wood
Gender Male
Emblem Koda emblem
Species Artificial guardian spirit-brown bear
Morality Evil
Production notes
Created by Zephyros-Phoenix

Koda, also known as the False Spirit of Wood is a guardian spirit and the False Spirit of wood. He is a brown bear and an artificial spirit created from Avalon's Essence.

Physical description

Koda is a large brown bear wearing wrist guard-like objects with a green jewel on his palm. His fur is wild and untamed and he maintains a messy, shaggy appearance.


Special ability

  • Hibernation: Regains health after a nap.


  • Bear Claw: Attacks with sharpened claws.
  • Leaf Blade: Strikes with bladed leaves on forearms.
  • Root Tangle: Summons roots to bind foes or create a shield.
  • Hammer Arm: Bark covers forearms and attacks.


  • Koda's design was influenced by the Pokemon, Ursaing.
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