The Ko'pis are one of two warrior classes within the mid rank of the Mantodea Empire. They are distinguished by red markings.

List of known Ko'pis


The Ko'pis make up one of two warrior classes within the mid rank of the Mantodea Empire and are considered to be the right hand of the An'assa, taking their orders only from her. While the Ko'leos make up soldiers and ground troops, the Ko'pis consist more of strategist and commanding officers in charge of the Ko'leos troops. The Ko'pis are typically rare in number compared to the Ko'leos brothers in arms and it is said that for every three hundred Ko'leos, there is one Ko'pis.

The duties of a Ko'pis mainly pertain to the protection and defence of the Mantodea Empire, in particular from external threats. The Ko'pis are master battle strategists and warriors in their own right, but exercise their skills in leadership and strategy rather than taking up arms, though the latter is not uncommon. One Ko'pis typically has at least three hundred Ko'leos troops under their command.

However, as a result of the Human-Mantodea War, many of the empire's star Ko'pis were killed in battle. To this day, only three Ko'pis remain: In'signis, Pa'llidua and Ar'mata.


  • "Kopis" derives from the Greek word meaning "to cut, to strike" and is also a term used to describe a heavy knife.