Kenshin Hattori
Personal data
Alias Demon Hanzo
Age 18
Gender Male
Species Human
Morality Evil
Living status Alive
Production notes
Created by Zephyros-Phoenix

Kenshin Hattori (服部 謙信 Hattori Kenshin) is a former member of the Hattori Clan and the Masanari Black Flowers who was banished for conspiring to kill his cousin, Shizuka and steal her position as heir to the family. His father is Kenji Hattori and his mother is Sango Arakawa. His guardian spirit is the poison spider, Arachnia.


Kenshin cares about nobody but himself. His greatest ambition is to increase his own power by any means necessary. He has no regards for the well-being of others and would, without hesitation, get rid of any who stand in his way of greatness.


Kenshin no longer keep in contact with his family, feeling that they have turned their back on him by making Shizuka the heir instead of him.


Arachnia is Kenshin's female spider Guardian Spirit. She cares very much for Kenshin and wants him to be happy, despite what he is willing to do to get what he wants. She still faithfully serves him, despite not agreeing with his tactics.

Britney Hanson

Britney is Kenshin's girlfriend who is very devoted to him and his goal. She is shrill, rude and snobby, in other words, a perfect match for Kenshin.

Sango Arakawa

Kenshin never knew his mother and was abandoned by her when she left him with his father. The feeling of abandonment never sat well for Kenshin who became resentful and angered because of it.

Shizuka Hattori

Since Shizuka inherited Azreal and the position of family heir, Kenshin has been jealous of her skill and success, wanting both for himself. He was angered when Ryuji named Shizuka to be the next heir instead of him and has sworn to prove he is better by killing her, taking Azreal and assuming his rightful position as head of the Hattori family.


As a member of the Hattori Clan, Kenshin was trained like his cousins to be a skilled and powerful warrior. He is capable of using elemental powers with his Guardian, Arachnia. However, due to his impatience, he is nowhere near the same level of skill as his cousin.


Kenshin was born to Kenji Hattori and therefore was not selected as the heir to the Clan. He declared a vendetta against his cousin, determined to take Azreal and the position of heir from her. On several occasions, he has attempted to fight and kill her, but failed due to his lesser skill.


  • Kenshin's alias, Demon Hanzo, comes from his ancestor, Hanzo Hattori's, nickname.
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