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Kazami spirit of wind by zephyros phoenix-d2blgde
Personal data
Alias The Tempest, Master Spirit of Wind
Gender Male
Emblem Kazami emblem
Species Guardian spirit-pegasus
Classification Guardian
Morality Good
Production notes
Created by Zephyros-Phoenix

Kazami, also known as the Master Spirit of Wind and The Tempest, is a guardian spirit and is the Master Spirit of wind. He is a pegasus and was chosen by Azmyth to be the keeper of the element of wind.

Physical description

Kazami is a beautiful stallion with silver fur and light green hair.


Kazami is a free spirit and prefers not to be tied down in one place. He loves running and flying free and is massively claustrophobic.


Special ability

  • Velocity Flight: Speed increases during flight.


  • Alpha Typhoon (Offensive): Creates a whirlwind that leaves the opponent immobile.
  • Hachiman Tornado (Offensive): Generates a tornado that sucks in the opponent and leaves them trapped.
  • Galaxia Hurricane (Offensive): With a single beat of his wings, an enormous storm is generated, ripping all in its path to pieces.
  • Gale Force Winds (Defensive): Rough winds prevent any attack from landing.

Weapon Transformation

Kaze fan by zephyros phoenix-d4aqrbo

Kaze Fan.

Kazami's weapon form is a giant bladed fan, called the Kaze Fan. With one wave, it can generate powerful gusts of wind so strong that they can slice through trees.

Beast Fusion

Beast Fusion unknown.


  • Kazami is named after Bakugan character, Shun Kazami.
  • His appearance is based on Kazegami from Okami.
  • The characters on his shin guards are Chinese for wind and cloud.
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