Personal data
Age 12 (2.4 dragon years)
Gender Female
Species Orthurian Hydra
Classification Hound
Morality Good
Living status Alive
Production notes
Created by Zephyros-Phoenix

Kaya is an orthurian hydra and the mate of Koji. She is currently at Ueno Castle tending to her eight eggs.

Physical description

Kaya is a light pink color with darker pink markings on her body with dark purple hair along her spine and on her tail. She is slimmer than most of the other Drakes but is very flexible and fit. She is 67.1 cm tall and weighs 41.3 kg.


Kaya is a proud female and doesn't take orders from those she does not see as her superiors. Her personality caused her to clash with Koji, a cerberus hydra in the same training division as her. All in all, she is caring, kind and very sweet. She is incredible protective of her eggs, only allowing her most trustworthy friends to handle, let alone even touch them.


Powers and skills

As an orthurian hydra, Kaya is capable of breathing fire but has a rare, additional breath power, boiling water. She is physically fit and athletic, as needed to assist Black Flower agents.


Kaya was born at Ueno Castle where she was trained to be one of the several guard dogs partnered with various agents.


  • Each of Kaya's children are named after a shade of color.
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