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Kamui false s o i by zephyros phoenix-d39s8mh
Personal data
Alias False Spirit of Ice
Gender Male
Emblem Kamui emblem
Species Artificial guardian spirit-yak
Morality Evil
Production notes
Created by Zephyros-Phoenix

Kamui, also known as the False Spirit of Ice is a guardian spirit and the False Spirit of ice. He is a yak and an artificial spirit created from Nyla's Essence.

Physical description

Kamui is a large yak with thick dark blue fur covering his body. His only armor is his light blue helmet that covers his head and the yellow nose ring. He is capable of freezing the top layer of his fur to enter a "porcupine mode."


Special ability

  • Ice Coat: Kamui is always surrounded by a blizzard.


  • Frost Horn: Beams of ice are fired from his horns.
  • Icicle Spear: Kamui generates spears of ice, which are fired at the opponent.
  • Colossal Avalanche: Kamui summons a massive avalanche to bury the foe.
  • Tundra Shield: A shield of ice forms around Kamui.


  • Kamui is named after an icy mountain location in the video game Okami.
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