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House of Tilasm
Crest of Tilasm

The crest of the House of Tilasm.

Basic Information
Motto "Carved in Stone"
Group Type Family
Founder Tilasm
Leader Kabuto the Beetle
Status Active
The House of Tilasm, masters of talisman magic.
Azreal the Dragon

The House of Tilasm (ティラスムの家 Tirasumu no ie) is a group of Mythsetian magic users who draw their magic from talismans hailing from the Mythsetia Veil. They are one of the Island Faction houses and the family is made up of various species of beetles. They were originally founded by Tilasm and the current head is Kabuto the Beetle. Their family relic is the Amulet of Tilasm.


Kabuto is the head of the House of Tilasm and keeper of the Amulet of Tilasm. He is the older twin brother of Kuwaga and specializes in offensive magic.
Kuwaga is Kabuto's younger twin brother and specializes in defensive and support magic.
Tilasm was the original founder and ancestor of the House of Tilasm.


  • Talisman magic: The House of Tilasm specializes in talisman related magic. By carving a certain symbol or combination of symbols, they can achieve a variety of effects. However, the ability to carry out the effects and the degree and time length of said effects is dependent on the users energy level and stamina.
    • Elemental manipulation: Common talisman can project blasts of elemental energy such as fire, lightning ice, etc.
    • Energy blasts: Another common talisman allows users to project concentrated beams of energy.
    • Levitation: Talismans can also be used to lift and levitate objects and people.
    • Barrier generation: Talismans can generate powerful, defensive force-fields to shield an individual or group of individuals from devastating attacks. However, maintaining the force-field requires much energy and often forces the user to remain immobile in order to concentrate.
    • Support enhancement: Talisman can additionally be used to imbue individuals with various enhancements such as strength, speed and durability.
    • Invisibility: Talismans can be used to render the user invisible.
  • Talisman carving: Members of the family are required to learn the art of talisman carving as each individual carves their own talismans from their discarded exoskeletons.


The House of Tilasm was one of the few surviving families of the Great Purge. They traveled into the Veil Catacombs beneath the Mythsetia Veil where they remained with the other surviving families for several hundred years.

However, the Tilasm family's numbers have dwindled over the years to the point where Kabuto and Kuwaga are the only remaining members. It is tradition for members of the family to carve their own talismans out of the shells of their exoskeletons, emphasizing their personal talismans. Because of this, only the individual from which the talisman was carved is able to use it's full potential.



  • Tilasm is Arabic for "talisman."

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