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Hokkaido false s o f by zephyros phoenix-d39uoo5
Personal data
Alias False Spirit of Fire
Gender Male
Emblem Hokkaido emblem
Species Artificial guardian spirit-red fox
Morality Evil
Production notes
Created by Zephyros-Phoenix

Hokkaido, also known as the False Spirit of Fire is a guardian spirit and the False Spirit of fire. He is a red fox and an artificial spirit created from Solaris' Essence.

Physical description

Hokkaido is a large red fox with dark burgundy fur on his legs. On his ankles are golden wrist guards emitting a pale blue fire, giving Hokkaido the ability to fly. Around his neck is a large golden and white ring with green coins that also double as leaf illusions. His tail is an open flame with two blue rings on it.


Special ability

  • Forest Shadow: Gains power when fighting in forest or fire areas.


  • Foxtail Wildfire: Fire from his tail ignites the foe.
  • Blaze Claw: Strikes the for with fiery claws.
  • Flare Blast: Fires a mass of flames at the opponent.
  • Illusion: Uses coins to create copies.


  • Hokkaido's name comes from the location in Japan of the same name.
  • Hokkaido's coin weapons were inspired by Okami.
  • Hokkaido's ability to create illusions using leaves was inspired by Kitsunes in Japanese myth.
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