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Radiantorb hikari divinelight by zephyros phoenix-d3eggb6
Personal data
Alias Guardian of the Divine Light
Gender Female
Emblem Hikari emblem
Species Guardian spirit-peacock
Production notes
Created by Zephyros-Phoenix

Hikari, also known as the Guardian of the Divine Light, is a guardian spirit of light that serves as the protector of Radiant Orb. She takes the form of a peacock.

Physical description

Hikari appears as an average sized pale peacock. She has dark, blue-green markings on her body and dark purple feathers. She wears a golden band around her neck. Four feathers on her body are in the shape of Radiant Orb's crest. Despite being female, her appearance resembles that of a peacock, rather than a peahen.


Despite being a light spirit, Hikari possess no special ability or attack capabilities whatsoever.


Hikari was created by Radiant Orb as a means to get around, as the orb could not move on it's own. Hikari is incapable of speech, much like other light spirits, and is very loyal to Radiant Orb. She carries Radiant Orb wherever it wishes to go and in turn, Radiant Orb protects Hikari, as she has no fighting abilities.


  • Hikari means "light" in Japanese.
  • Despite being female, she possess the plumage of a peacock, not a peahen.
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