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Floria Brown

Floria is one of the Subterra battlers of the Gundalia Division.

Personal data
Age 9
Gender Male
Species Gundalian
Morality Good
Living status Alive
Production notes
Created by Zephyros-Phoenix
Appearances Affections Touching Across Dimensions

Floria Brown (フローリーア ・ブラウン Furooriia Buraun) is a Bakugan: Next Generation character and the youngest child and only daughter of canon characters, Mason Brown and Lena Isis. She is a Subterra battler partnered with Sabator. She is a member of the Gundalian Division of the Brawlers.

Physical description

Floria is a 9 year old gundalian girl and the youngest child and only daughter of the Brown family. She has long dark blue hair, dark blue eyes, light grey skin with darker grey markings and golden horns growing around her head. She wears a light orange dress with long sleeves and brown boots.


Floria is very carefree and can sometimes be considered downright overly friendly. She would easily walk up to strangers in the park and start talking to them as if they were long time friends. Her upbeat and optimistic personality tends to cause Izumi and Bruce worry as she easily befriends strangers, but her cheerfulness often has a positive effect on people.


  • Mason Brown (father)
  • Lena Isis (mother)
  • Nurzak (godfather)
  • Izzy Brown (older brother)
  • Bruce Brown (older brother)

Bruce Brown

As Bruce is often in charge of keeping her out of trouble, much to her dismay. She thinks that Bruce is too tightly wound and tries to get him to loosen up.

Izumi Brown

Floria idolizes her big brother and thinks that he is the best battler around.

Soren Krawler

After meeting Soren, Floria develops a small crush on him, in turn, developing a rivalry with Shizuka Kazami.



Floria's Bakugan, Subterra Sabator.

Born to Mason and Lena, Floria is their youngest child and the younger sister of Izzy and Bruce. Due to her uncanny resemblance to Nurzak's own deceased daughter, Mason named her after Floria in honor of her and Nurzak. He was made her godfather and she inherited his Bakugan, Sabator.

Floria enjoys spending her time at the local park where she befriends strangers, causing Bruce ad Izzy to worry very much about her safety. She cares very much for her brothers and enjoys teasing Bruce, who always tries to keep her out of trouble.

ATAD Spin-off

Along with Division G, Floria appears in Affections Touching Across Dimensions in chapter 7. She finds Soren Krawler in the park, where she proudly boasts she visits everyday, and quickly befriends him. She brings him to meet her brother Izzy and his friends and invites him to have dinner at their place. During the dinner, Leviathan remarks that Floria has a crush on him and that Shizuka will have some competition. After the dinner, when Izzy attempted to put her to bed, but refused unless Soren read her a story. Zeke later revealed that Floria would be spending her summer at a day camp along with Bruce.



  • Floria was named after canon character, Nurzak's deceased daughter.

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