False Spirits
Basic Information
Group Type Faction
Founder Unknown
Leader None
Status Inactive

The False Spirits refer to a group of nine artificially created guardian spirits. They were intended to be exact copies of the Master Spirits.


Oryx is the False Spirit of Darkness and doppelganger of Koumori.
Argent is the False Spirit of Earth and doppelganger of Jahma.
Hokkaido is the False Spirit of Fire and doppelganger of Solaris.
Kabutori is the False Spirit of Thunder and Lightning and doppelganger of Zhear-Khan.
Koda is the False Spirit of Wood and doppelganger of Avalon.
Kamui is the False Spirit of Ice and doppelganger of Nyla.
Stinglash is the False Spirit of Water and doppelganger of Hylia.
Aviarius is the False Spirit of Wind and doppelganger of Kazami.
Lunaria is the False Spirit of Light and doppelganger of Vritra.


The False Spirits were artificially created using a sample of the Essence of the Master Spirits and the DNA of the animals from which they are based on in order to fill in missing segments. They were created by a scientist in an attempt to create his own guardian spirits as none had wanted to partner with him. His main attempt was to create perfect copies of the Master Spirits, but he was only able to create doppelganger-like beings. However, he was unable to recreate an energy spirit.



  • They are called the False Spirits because of their artificial origin, thereby classifying them as not "true" guardian spirits.
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