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Energy spirits are guardian spirits allied with pure energy. They are the rarest, even rarer than wood and light spirits, and have control over all the other elements. They are the most powerful of all guardian spirit and can manipulate all the elements in all their forms.

List of known energy spirits


  • Energy manipulation: As a being of energy, energy spirits are meant to be the balance that keeps opposite elements, such as water and fire and darkness and light from destroying each other. They keep the world in balance and harmony.
    • Supreme elemental manipulation: Energy spirits are the most powerful type of spirit largely due to the fact that they are masters of the other nine elements of darkness, earth, fire, lightning, wood, ice, water, wind and light.
    • Energy aura: They can surround themselves in a powerful aura of pure energy.
    • Energy constructs: They can form solid constructs out of pure energy, such as tools, objects, weapons, appendages and barriers.
    • Barrier generation: They can generate powerful protective barriers of pure energy that can deflect and absorb attacks according to the user's will.
    • Energy wave emission: They can emit and release powerful waves of pure energy to damage, push and stun enemies.
    • Energy projection: They can project pure energy in various forms of attacks such as blasts, bullets, scatter shots, beams and bolts.
    • Energy perception: They are able to perceive the energy that binds the universe together as well as visually and mentally detect an organism via their life-force aura.
    • Quintessence generation: Energy spirits generate and control limitless amounts of all kinds of energy from their own bodies.
    • Life-force manipulation: They can manipulate the essence of life and life energy.
    • Clairvoyance: They can gain direct information from objects about people, objects, locations and events.
    • Resurrection: Energy spirits have the power to resurrect those that have died.
      • Reincarnation inducement: They also apparently have the power to induce reincarnation upon a deceased individual.
    • Mediumship: They can commune with spirits and the souls of the deceased.


The very first guardian spirit ever was Zenith and he was an energy spirit, capable of safely using all the elements together without them destroying each other in opposition. In order to keep the flow of energy going, he created the Origin Spirits to embody each of the other nine elements he commanded.