The Dragon Exodus was a major event in Aileron in which all the dragons in Aileron left the world.

Pre-exodus events

Near the beginning of time, guardian spirits gifted three young races with magic: humans, mantodea and lepori. However, as their societies and intelligence grew, humans became corrupt and greedy, lusting for more power. They began viewing dragons, the other major magic user in Aileron, as a threat to their existence and sought to exterminate them. Using the magic they were given by the spirits, humans began hunting down and killing dragons. Unable to take anymore, the dragons chose to leave Aileron entirely via a portal to the Dragon Realm.


As punishment for their hubris and for driving away the dragons, spirits took back their magic from humans, rendering them powerless. The event was later used as a reference of time for Aileron: BDE ("before Dragon Exodus") and ADE ("after Dragon Exodus").


  • Dragons leave Aileron.
  • Humans are stripped of their magic. In desperation, they invade the other races in an attempt to steal magic, resulting in the Human-Mantodea War and the self-imposed isolation of the lepori in the Northern and Southern Aurora.