Domain Spirits
Basic Information
Group Type Faction
Founder Zenith
Leader None
Status Inactive

The Domain Spirits refer to a group of three guardian spirits that are the rulers of the three domains of Aileron: sky, land and sea.


Atmos is the Domain Spirit of the Sky. His domain is located on Laputa and his servants are known as the Keepers.
Ankyla is the Domain Spirit of Land.
Leviathan is the Domain Spirit of the Sea and was once the protector of Atlantis prior to its destruction. He is also the lover of Origin Spirit, Plezira.


The origins of the Domain Spirits are unknown, though it is likely that they were created by Zenith.

Atmos is the ruler of the skies and has several bird guardian spirits that serve him. He is capable of manipulating all forms of air and wind. Ankyla is the ruler of the land and can control all elements of earth and wood. Leviathan is the ruler of the seas and can control all forms of water, including ice.



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