Division N
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The members of the Neathia Division.

Basic Information
Group Type Team
Founder Jupiter Sheen, Leonard Claude, Roxanne Knight, Cain Knight
Leader Jupiter Sheen
Status Active
Division N refers to one of the four division of the Next Generation Battle Brawlers. They are stationed on Neathia. It consists of five members that are either Neathian royalty or Castle Knights: three being full Neathian and two being half-Neathian and half-Gundalian. They are currently led by Jupiter Sheen.


Jupiter Sheen: Partnered with Haos Raptorix, Jupiter is the leader of the Neathian Division. She is the daughter of Elright and Fabia Sheen and is therefore the Princess of Neathia and the older sister of Jin. Her love interest is Shin Kazami.

Jin Sheen: Partnered with Haos Aranaut, Jin is the younger brother of Jupiter. He is the son of Elright and Fabia Sheen and is therefore the Prince of Neathia. As he is the youngest member, he still has a lot to learn and fears that he will not be as great a ruler as his parents.

Leonard Claude: Partnered with Pyrus Rubanoid, Leonard is the son of Linus Claude and a Castle Knight. He is very loyal to the royal family and has high morals when it comes to freedom and peace. His love interest is Roxanne Knight.

Roxanne Knight: Partnered with Subterra Boulderon, Roxanne is the daughter of Rafe and Paige and a Castle Knight. She is the older twin sister of Cain and is half-Gundalian and half-Neathian. Despite having a short temper and being very brave, she has a very low self esteem when it comes to her apperance. Her love interest is Leonard Claude.

Cain Knight: Partnered with Haos Wolfurio, Cain is the son of Rafe and Paige and Castle Knight. He is the younger twin brother of Roxanne and is half-Gundalian and half-Neathian. He is very mature for his age.



  • Over half this division are Haos battlers.

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