Division G
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The members of the Gundalia Division.

Basic Information
Group Type Team
Founder Izumi Brown, Zeke Surrow, Juliet Glenn
Leader Izumi Brown
Status Active
Division G refers to one of the four divisions of the Next Generation Battle Brawlers. They are stationed on Gundalia. It consists of five members, all of whom are full Gundalian. They are currently led by Izzy Brown.


Izumi Brown: Partnered with Aquos Phosphos, Izzy is the eldest son of Mason Brown and Lena Isis. He is the older brother of Bruce and Floria. He is a master strategist carefully analyzes all aspects of the battle.

Bruce Brown: Partnered with Subterra Avior, Bruce is the middle child of Mason Brown and Lena Isis. He is the younger brother of Izzy and the older brother of Floria. He often gets the short end of the stick because he is the middle child.

Floria Brown: Partnered with Subterra Sabator, Floria is the youngest child of Mason Brown and Lena Isis. She is the younger sister of Izzy and Bruce. She is also the goddaughter of Nurzak. She is very carefree and enjoys having fun.

Zeke Surrow: Partnered with Haos Contestor, Zeke is the son of Zenet Surrow. He is Izzy's best friend and dreams of one day being a rock star. His love interest is Juliet.

Juliet Glenn: Partnered with Ventus Plitheon, Juliet is the daughter of Jesse Glenn. She is an aspiring actress and often argues with Zeke because of his teasing, unaware he is in love with her.



  • Along with the Vestal Division, they are the only division whose members are all full races of their particular group.

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