Division E
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The members of the Earth Division.

Basic Information
Group Type Team
Founder DJ Kuso, Bailey Gilbert, Shin Kazami, Soren Krawler
Leader DJ Kuso
Status Active
Division E refers to one of the four division of the Next Generation Battle Brawlers. They are stationed on Earth. It consists of seven members and is therefore the largest of the divisions. It is also the most diverse: containing three humans, one half-Human/half-Gundalian and three half-Human/half-Vestal. They are the only division to have all six attributes and are currently led by DJ Kuso.


DJ Kuso: Partnered with Pyrus Drago, DJ is the leader of the Brawlers, inheriting the post from his father. He is the son of Dan Kuso and Runo Misaki.

Bailey Gilbert: Partered with Subterra Hammer Gorem, Bailey is Subterra battler and lead female. She is the daughter of Julie Makimoto and Billy Gilbert.

Shuichi Marukura: Partnered with Aquos Preyas, Chichi is the tactical genius of the group. He is the nephew of Marucho Marukura and is the mastermind behind all the team's strategies.

Shin Kazami: Partnered with Ventus Taylean, Shin is the half-Human and half-Vestal son of Shun Kazami and Ayden Grit. He is a Ventus ninja and the de facto second-in-command. He is also the older brother of Shizuka and Shiori.

Shiori Kazami: Partnered with Ventus Master Ingram and Shadow Wing, Shiori is the half-Human and half-Vestal daughter of Shun Kazami and Ayden Grit. She is the older twin sister of Shizuka and the secondary Ventus battler.

Shizuka Kazami: Partnered with Haos Beast King Azreal and Maelstrom, Shizuka is the half-Human and half-Vestal daughter of Shun Kazami and Ayden Grit. She is the team's youngest member and Haos battler and the younger twin sister of Shiori.

Soren Krawler: Partered with Darkus Linehalt, Soren is the half-Gundalian and half-Human son of Ren Krawler and Sora Minamoto. He is still rather inexperienced and is the team's Darkus battler.



  • More than 50% of this division is half alien, though they are all human.

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