The Cretan Labyrinth is a mystical location on Aileron that houses the Minotaur, Asterion and the Scorpion Triplets. It is a massive underground maze and is rumored to hold an ancient treasure. Many have tried to brave the maze, but they either die of starvation or at the hands of the labyrinth's guardians.


Legend says that the labyrinth was created by Zenith as a place to house his and all secrets in the world and Asterion is it's guard. For many years, people have tried to reach the maze's center and get a hold of it's secrets, but they either got lost in the maze or they were killed by Asterion.

It is said that the library within the maze's center contains the answer to any and every question possible, but only those deemed worthy by Asterion are allowed to enter.

Known residents


  • The Cretan Labyrinth is based on the mythological location of the same name.