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Cain Knight

Cain is one of the Haos battlers of the Neathia Division.

Personal data
Age 16
Gender Male
Species Neathian-gundalian
Occupation Castle Knight
Morality Good
Living status Alive
Production notes
Created by Zephyros-Phoenix

Cain Knight (ケイン・ナイト Kein Naito) is a Bakugan: Next Generation character and the son of canon characters Rafe and Paige. He is a Haos battler partnered with Wolfurio. He is a member of the Neathian Division of the Brawlers and a Castle Knight.

Physical description

Cain Knight is a 16 year old half-gundalian and half-neathian boy and the son of Rafe and Paige. Cain has light grey skin, yellow eyes and wavy pink hair. He wears a tan shirt underneath a long dark blue coat, white pants and golden brown boots.


As a Castle Knight, Cain is very mature for his age and often acts with the utmost grace. He values family, friendship and honor and is likely the most mature of the Neathian Division. Outside of brawling, he enjoys many hobbies such as music, art and cooking. Like Jupiter, he is somewhat of a pacifist but is more willing to fight than she is.


Leonard Claude

Whereas most brothers would dislike someone attempting to court their sister, Cain is very much okay with Leonard pinning after Roxanne. The two have been close friends since childhood and Cain often tries to help Leonard any way he can.

Roxanne Knight

Cain is very close with his sister Roxanne and tries to help her overcome her insecurities over her gundalian appearance. Whenever Roxanne loses her temper, Cain is usually the one to calm her down.



Cain's Bakugan, Haos Wolfurio.

Born to Rafe and Paige, Cain is a Castle Knight and the younger twin brother of Roxanne. Because he is half-gundalian, he does sport some gundalian features, such as grey skin, yellow eyes and his mother's pink hair. He is very calm, cool and collected, greatly contrasting with his sister's personality, who he must often calm down when she loses her temper.

Cain grew up alongside his older twin sister, Roxanne, and unintentionally spurred her jealousy over his neathian appearance, while she herself appeared primarily gundalian. Despite this, the two get along very well and are often seen together. He is quite close with Leonard, whom he occasionally helps with confessing his feelings to Roxanne.

As a Castle Knight, he is very loyal to the neathian royal family, in particular, Jupiter and Jin.


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