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Bruce Brown

Bruce is one of the Subterra battlers of the Gundalia Division.

Personal data
Age 11
Gender Male
Species Gundalian
Morality Good
Living status Alive
Production notes
Created by Zephyros-Phoenix
Appearances Affections Touching Across Dimensions

Bruce Brown (ブルース・ブラウン Burusu Buraun) is a Bakugan: Next Generation character and the second son of canon characters Mason Brown and Lena Isis. He is a Subterra battler partnered with Avior. He is a member of the Gundalian Disivion of the Brawlers.

Physical descriptionEdit

Bruce Brown is an 11 year old gundalian boy and the second son of Mason Brown and Lena Isis. He has short greenish grey hair and dark blue eyes. He has light grey skin with dark grey markings and horns growing around his head. He wears a light brown shirt with dark brown markings, grey pants and brown boots.


As the middle child in his family, Bruce often feels like he gets the short end of the stick and is always trying to prove himself. He is always worried about getting into trouble with his parents and tries his best to keep Floria out of trouble.


Floria BrownEdit

Bruce is usually left to look after Floria and keep her out of trouble (a task far more difficult than it seems). He gets annoyed at her a lot, but loves her dearly.

Izumi BrownEdit

As his younger brother, Bruce enjoys pulling pranks on Izzy. Despite their brotherly hate relationship, they deeply care about each other.



Bruce's Bakugan, Subterra Avior.

Born to Mason and Lena, Bruce is the younger brother of Izzy and the older brother of Floria. All his life, he's felt like he's taken a back seat to whatever his brother and sister need, as Izzy is the first born and Floria is the youngest and only girl, although he doesn't resent his siblings for this.

Bruce does enjoy pulling an ocassional prank on Izzy, but other than that, he tries to avoid getting into any kind of trouble with his parents. If Izzy is busy or out with friends, Bruce is usually left to look after Floria, a task that proves far more difficult that it appears.

ATAD Spin-offEdit

Along with Division G, Bruce appears in Affections Touching Across Dimensions in chapter 7. He stumbles upon Floria, who has already befriended a lost Soren Krawler and scolds her for talking to strangers. He tries to keep her out of trouble, but Floria brushes him off and later brings Soren to their brother, Izzy and his friends. According to Zeke, Bruce and Floria are both attending a day camp during summer.



  • Bruce was named after the Japanese version of canon character Mason Brown, who's name in the Japanese version is Bruce.

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