Bamboo Stalk
Bamboo Stalk

Bamboo Stalk is a young qilin and bambooware maker.

Personal data
Gender Male
Species Qilin
Occupation Bambooware maker, bamboo grower
Living status Alive
Production notes
Created by Zephyros-Phoenix

Bamboo Stalk is a young qilin from the Qilin Glades in Wu Xing and the younger brother of Pine Frost and older brother of Plum Blossom. He is an avid and passionate bamboo farmer and ware-maker, using bamboo he personally grows to create various crafts that he later sells. He has a crush on Cranberry Bliss of the Mei family.

Physical description

Bamboo Stalk is a slightly taller than average qilin with a light green coat, bright green underbelly, dark green tail, whiskers and hair, the latter of which is tied up in a short ponytail, and bright orange eyes. Unlike most qilins, Bamboo has a single horn, similar to unicorn ponies, though his is curved with multiple prongs like an antler. His cutie mark is two bamboo stalks. He is almost always carrying with him a basket of freshly harvested bamboo.


Bamboo Stalk is a very dedicated and passionate bamboo crafter, but also rather timid and soft spoken. While not antisocial by any means, Bamboo just feels more comfortable tending to his grove and working on his wares rather than socializing with others. He is polite, respectful and kind, but rather weak-willed prefers to let his crafts speak for him.



  • Healing magic: Bamboo is able to use his qilin magic to heal others.
  • Luck magic: Bamboo's qilin magic also grants him impeccable luck.
  • Telekinesis
  • Longevity


  • Farming and agriculture: While perhaps not to the level and expertise of the berry-farming Mei family, Bamboo knows enough about farming and agriculture to care for and maintain his personal bamboo grove.
  • Craftsmanship: Bamboo is exceptionally skilled at crafting bambooware and regularly sells his wares to other qilins and ponies.


  • Basket: Bamboo usually has a large basket with him, in which he carries either freshly harvested bamboo stalks or new bambooware for delivery.


Bamboo Stalk was born and raised within the Qilin Glades of Wu Xing. He spends his days tending to his bamboo grove and making bambooware to sell to others. One of his regular customers is the Mei family and Bamboo has a crush on one of the young girls of the family Cranberry Bliss. Whenever he delivers to their farm, he always tries to work up the nerve to speak with her and stand out among the numerous other suitors she has.


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