Typeicon-GS Typeicon-Wind
Aviarius false s o w by zephyros phoenix-d39r5ji
Personal data
Alias False Spirit of Wind
Gender Male
Emblem Aviarius emblem
Species Artificial guardian spirit-falcon
Morality Evil
Production notes
Created by Zephyros-Phoenix

Aviarius, also known as the False Spirit of Wind is a guardian spirit and the False Spirit of wind. He is a falcon and an artificial spirit created from Kazami's Essence.

Physical description

Aviarius appears as a grey falcon with pale, dark red highlights. His wingspan is very large, allowing him to travel great distances at greater speeds.


Special ability

  • King of the Skies: Aviarius' attacks get more powerful at higher elevations.


  • Eagle Talon: Strikes with talons at high speed
  • Air Blast: Blows a powerful blast of wind, blowing the opponent far away.
  • Ultimate Sky Attack: Aviarius builds up energy and swoops down high from the sky for a final attack.
  • Wind Shield: A spherical shield of wind surrounds Aviarius, blowing all incoming attacks off course.
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