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Avalon spirit of wood by zephyros phoenix-d2tvbz9
Personal data
Alias The Revival, Master Spirit of Wood.
Gender Male
Emblem Avalon emblem
Species Guardian spirit-deer
Classification Guardian
Morality Good
Living status Alive
Production notes
Created by Zephyros-Phoenix

Avalon, also known as the Master Spirit of Wood and The Revival, is a guardian spirit and the Master Spirit of wood. He is a deer and was chosen by Azmyth to be the keeper of the element of wood.

Physical description

Avalon is a brown male deer covered in leaves, barks and vines. On his horns are leaves growing as if he were a living plant himself.


Avalon values nature and peace. He dislikes seeing people in pain and uses his powers to heal them. He is very wise.


As a spirit of wood, Avalon has power over and is capable of manipulating all forms of plant life and toxic poisons. He is also capable of healing and resurrection.

Special ability

  • Synthesis: Automatically heals in presence of sunlight.


  • Poison Vine (Offensive): Vines from Avalon's body stream out to restrain his opponent. Foe may be poisoned.
  • Leaf Storm (Offensive): Razor sharp leaves from Avalon's antlers strike the foe at great speed.
  • Floral Strike (Offensive): Floral pollen and vines immobilize the opponent as Avalon moves in for the final strike.
  • Solar Healing (Defensive/supportive): Heals anybody's wounds or ailments.

Weapon Transformation

Hana knives by zephyros phoenix-d4a9tf0

The Hana Knives

In weapon form, Avalon becomes twin deer antler daggers. One is capable of healing while the other is capable of attacking.

Beast Fusion

When combined with a human, Avalon gives them an appearance like a satyr. The lower half of their body is replaced with deer-like legs covered in tangled fur and vines. Like Avalon, the head contains antlers with foliage and bark covering the torso and arms like armor.


  • Avalon is named after the legendary island from Arthurian myth of the same name.
  • Avalon's initial alias was the Master Spirit of the Forest.
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