This page consists of the timeline of events within the world of Aileron in chronological order.

Events before current timeline

Time Description
Unknown time ago BDE Dragons and spirits appear in Aileron.
Unknown time after dragons and spirits appear BDE Humans, mantodea and lepori appear in Aileron.
Unknown time after humans, mantodea and lepori appear BDE Zenith creates several spirits, including the Origin Spirits and the Domain Spirits.
Unknown time ago BDE Spirits bestow magic onto the humans, mantodea and lepori, allowing the three races to advance their technology and society.
Unknown time ago BDE Humans begin to grow greedy and corrupt and begin hunting down dragons.
Year 0 As a result of human attacks on them, all remaining dragons decide to leave Aileron for another world in an event known as the Dragon Exodus.
Year 0 To punish the humans for driving the dragons away, the spirits strip humans of the magic they once gave them. After this, the spirits go into hiding.
Year 0 Upon arriving in the Dragon Realm, the dragons decide to isolate the clans from each other in order to maintain peace.
Year 2 ADE Humans attack the Mantodea Empire in an attempt to take their magic and resources, beginning The Human-Mantodea War.
Year 9 ADE The humans eradicate the Mantodea Empire, killing An'assa Formo'sana, and destroy the continent of Mantodeos, turning it into Sand Coffin. Remaining mantodea retreat underground to rebuild their society.
Year 9 ADE Fearing humans will attack them next, the lepori tribes erect ice walls to keep humans out of Northern and Southern Aurora.
Year 11 ADE Humans try for two years to breach the ice walls, but eventually give up.
Unknown time after Year 11 ADE Humans manage to gain control over the majority of Aileron and the majority of humanity eventually forget about the existence of the other races that once lived on Aileron.
Year 29 ADE Young mantodea princess Dia'bolica becomes An'assa and begins attempting the rebuilding of their society.
Year 212 ADE Zenith selects and trains his intended successor Azmyth.
Year 500 ADE Conflicts between the aurora and abyss dragons begin to stir as the abyss dragons begin to harass the aurora dragons. The aurora dragons ask for help from the other clans, but they refuse so as to maintain their neutrality.
Year 503 ADE Aurora dragons declare war on the abyss dragons, beginning the Abyss-Aurora War.
Year 508 ADE The Abyss-Aurora War finally ends with the aurora dragons victorious, the abyss dragons completely wiped out and the destruction of the Thestral Outlands.
Year 509 ADE The other four dragon clans form the Dragon Council with elected representatives from each clan. For their first act, they banish the aurora dragons to the Solar Plains.
Year 874 ADE Azmyth creates the Master Spirits.
Year 913 ADE Two abyss dragon eggs are discovered and taken in by the flame dragons and hatch into Nighlus and Norax.
Year 940 ADE Azreal is born.
Year 995 ADE The Clan Wars begin between the Tokugawa Clan, Oda Clan and Takeda Clan.
Year 1035 ADE The Hattori Clan declare independence from the Tokugawa Clan and are subsequently banished by and made enemies of them.
Year 1200 ADE Azreal kills Norax and is banished by the Dragon Council to Earth.
Year 1345 ADE The Nakamura Clan wipe out and take over the Takeda Clan.
Year 1516 ADE Ryuji Hattori is born.
Year 1546 ADE Ryuji marries Yukie.
Year 1547 ADE Keiji and Kenji Hattori are born.
Year 1548 ADE Teresa Hattori is born.
Year 1567 ADE Johnny Boyd is born.
Year 1570 ADE Ryushi Hattori and Ambrose Phillips are born.
Year 1572 ADE Odette Blanc is born.
Year 1575 ADE Jace Witherfang is born.
Year 1576 ADE Ryan Murphy and Melissa Tang are born.
Year 1578 ADE Shizuka Hattori is born.
Year 1580 ADE Koji, Cross and Princess Coron'atus are born. Teresa Hattori dies.
Year 1582 ADE Kaya is born.
Year 1588 ADE Ryushi Hattori dies. Jace Witherfang abandons his shaman training to become a hunter instead.
Year 1590 ADE Armand Blanc dies. Odette decides to travel the world and joins the Black Flowers. Ambrose Phillips, Melissa Tang, Johnny Boyd and Cross join the Black Flowers.
Year 1591 ADE Shizuka forms a team with Odette, Ambrose, Melissa and Cross.
Year 1593 ADE Shizuka disbands her team for unknown reasons.

Present day - 1594 ADE

Time Description
Hawethorn, 1594 ADE Ryan Murphy meets Shizuka Hattori.